GuluHelp 2012 Event a Success! Thank you to all our generous donors and volunteers! …. Debbie Jarosz

From left to right: Board members Jane Martin, Fr. Jino Mwaka, Debbie Jarosz and Mike Bernot

The Ugandan representation: Malik and Ali Lukungu, Monsignor Matthew, Fr. Jino

Faces of Northern Uganda, GuluHelp Foundation’s 2012 Event achieved its goal – educationally, spiritually and financially thanks to all who attended, helped and donated. Awareness of the traumatic experience of the Acholi people was heightened by the words of Fr. Jino Mwaka our keynote speaker. Offerings of prayer and funding were generous! Donations from those who attended, as well as those who were not able, put us over the top of our $10,000 goal. The funds raised allowed us to make distributions to three Health Centers and to the Counseling Institute/University Project in Gulu, Uganda. Special thanks to the my husband Bruce, my wonderful daughters, our friends the Dieters and Mike Bernot for their help with this event. And, of course to Lake Catholic students who helped with set up, greeting and babysitting.



Debbie with daughters, Becky and Mandy

Debbie with Mary Dieter

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