Donors Helping in the Fight against Malaria

In response to an appeal from the Diocesan Health Department in Gulu, Uganda, GuluHelp Foundation appealed to its donors for help in the battle against an unexpected outbreak of malaria that resulted in over 2,000 fatalities in Gulu district alone and most seriously affected children. The money raised was used to purchase anti-malarial drugs, medical supplies and mosquito nets. We should know the full impact of our donations in a few weeks when data gathering is complete.
Thank you GuluHelp donors!!!

Helping to provide education and health services to the people of Northern Uganda is a continuing challenge!
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Diocesan Health Coordinator, Sr. Liberata expresses gratitude to GuluHelp as she presents life saving medications to Health Centers.


Health Education on the prevention of Malaria.


Unpacking mosquito nets to be distributed in the community.


The youth performing a skit on how the community takes too long to take their children and adults suffering with malaria to the hospital. (Early recognition and seeking medical care is crucial).

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