Visiting Gulu 2016

My January visit to Northern Uganda was filled with activity and adventure.

I found the University of the Sacred Heart to be well on its way to becoming and official institution. Fr. Jino and his team are full of hope and energy for this project. They all expressed sense of being part of something big – something very important for the future of Northern Uganda and neighboring regions. I encourage you to visit their website to learn more about USH ( GuluHelp is proud to be a contributor to this very important mission.

Another wonderful surprise was seeing the building progress being made at St. Francis Health Center in Anaka. The new structure will include a much needed maternity facility. Assistance from GuluHelp and the dedication of the community have brought the project to a good start but much more is needed for completion! St. Francis is currently operating in a tiny facility that cannot meet the medical needs of the people it serves. The expansion and the addition of maternity will help the center to move toward self-sustainability. I hope you will consider a donation to support this project!!! Enjoy the photos below of my visit and listen to the moving Thank You videos of Archbishop Odama and Sr. Liberata (Diocesan Health Coordinator)


Thank you videos

Archbishop Odama 

Sr. Liberata

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